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LED Digital Display Standee brings ripple in the digital marketing scenario. Visual plays a prominent role in grabbing the eyeballs of the audience. Given the functionality of our brains, we tend to be more influenced by visual attention. From elevating recall to boosting up the revenue, digital signage helps into effective branding. It enhances recall and retention rate better with the capability to capture 400% more views than the static displays. Its approach is significantly higher than the traditional media with 83% of recall rate. It guarantees foot traffic and new customers with the improvement in operational efficiency incorporating time-in-line update monitors which reduced the wait time in queues of banks, hospitals or service-heavy industries.

The amalgamation of bold text, as well as powerful and lively images of the videos, put a substantial impact and thus influence purchasing decisions. According to the surveys lately, 80% of the brands who use digital display standee experience up to 33% hike in the sales. This visual communication has the power to initiate immersive consumer experience, and increase cross-sells, up-sells and impulse-buy opportunities by efficiently and quickly adapting and deploying creative and engaging content, when and where it matters the most. This digitally smart standee eliminates the cost of printing the print material of marketing such as brochures, traditional billboards or huge posters. It cuts the production and storage cost of such marketing material thus giving the country a digital approach. Another prominent benefit of this product is that it can aggregate social media content, display weather updates and feeds while advertising products and services. It can also be used to showcase streaming videos of products and services to drive brand messaging.

Conventionally, print media was used as a primary display method regarding large scale outdoor advertising. Since the dawn of the digital world, the LED standee is nothing less than a revolution in the market. It has expanded its horizon beyond the geographical limitations. The Advertising Hub caters to all your visual communication needs through the low-cost, efficiently deployable and extended solutions that yield visible results. We are the country’s prominent dealer who supports the vision of a digitally smart nation. Digitalization is a big revolution that had effectively impacted our country. The digital initiative lately had made every aspect of our lives more comfortable and more intelligent. It has greatly influenced the Indian economy and so as the commercial market both directly and indirectly. Its long-lasting effect proves to be a success since all the latest technologies drive it. We at the Advertising Hub are aware of it, and thus our digital display LED standee is not only cheap but highly nifty. It doesn’t take much space and can withstand any harsh weather. Its influencing and attractive features will elevate your business sales and growth in real time.

Digital FSU

The Advertising Hub has come up with its new product call Digital FSU (Floor Standing Unit) in the market. In Today’s Life everyone is ready to convert their thought of displaying Posters, Signage’s in to Digital ones, for that on huge demand; Our Research & Development team has made our own Digital FSU. The Structure of it is in metal which has been designed nicely. A android smart full HD LED TV with so many valuable features give great impact to the product. The optional castor under the base allows its structure to move around very frequently We can use this FSU in various locations such as Government Sector, Banking Sector, Educational Sector, Entertainment Sector, Jewelers, Retail Outlets, Automotive showrooms, Malls, Multiplexes, Events, Promotions, Hospitals, Institutes, Food Courts, Restaurants & many more places.

Some of the critical features of our standee are;

  • Scratch Proof
  • 6mm toughen glass
  • Full Metal Body
  • Textured Powder Coating
  • Available in different sizes, 32 inches, 40 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches.

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